Technology Development

In Chanful, the employee is one of important assets. The R & D department is one of the cornerstones regarding to the development and growth in our company. We give engineers space and a platform to create things freely. They take consumers' desire into consideration when designing audio-visual products because the dynamic demands in the market increase the uncertainty and competition. We do not only offer physical goods, but also fulfill intangible needs.

There are two important tasks in R & D. One is improving current products if needed and the other is developing new products to meet the trend in the industry. In the context of environmental protection, we apply green materials in design towards sustainable production in order to reduce the impact of the ecosystem. Engineers modify products based on the data collection from the different instrumentation to ensure the reliable results.

Moreover, Chanful own many patents related to microphones in different countries to protect intellectual property and know-how and to motivate employees' innovation.